Frequently asked questions

Do I need my employer's approval?
No, this is a personal contract and the choice is entirely yours.

Will I pay benefit in kind or company car tax?
No, as this is a personal contract rather than a salary sacrifice scheme, you are not liable for BIK tax.

What happens if I change jobs during the contract?
As there is no involvement from your employer with any of our offers you will simply take the vehicle with you and continue to make the payments to the end of the contract.

Can I pay more up front?
Our pricing is based on 24 or 36 monthly rentals with no deposit, however, if you want to reduce the monthly rental even further you can do so by paying more up front, just let us know roughly what you want to pay up front and we will let you know how this reduces the monthly payments.

Can I buy the vehicle at the end of the contract?
No, the vehicle will be collected from you and sold at auction although you may be able to let the contract run on for several months beyond the end date.

Can I get the same deal from my local dealer?
The discounts used to calculate the rentals on offer through the scheme are usually much higher than you would get from your local dealer, these discounts have been negotiated with the manufacturer or dealer group and are not generally for use with any kind of retail purchase scheme.

Will I be left with a massive bill at the end?
If you look after the vehicle within reasonable ‘fair wear & tear’ guidelines then you won’t get a bill for damage, any excess mileage can be paid for at the end of the contract, we’ll tell you before you commit to the vehicle what the excess mileage charge will be (Usually between £60 and £100 per 1000 miles)

Can I choose the colour and spec of the vehicle?
Usually yes, just let us know if there are any extra’s you want on the car and we’ll let you know if this is possible and at what additional cost.

Can I get the same deal cheaper from anyone else?
Anything is possible and you should always shop around for the best deal, many companies promote their offers without servicing, maintenance and tyres and will use large initial payments to achieve low rentals, they may also charge admin, documentation or processing fees, we aim to bring you transparency of pricing and great value for money without the need for large up front payments and with the peace of mind which comes from knowing that servicing, maintenance and tyres are covered, these things are not mandatory so, if you would like a quotation without servicing, maintenance & tyres and/or with an initial payment, we will be happy to oblige.

We deliver
Fleetbuyer offers personal leasing deals for public sector and education staff, these deals offer a fantastic alternative to salary sacrifice schemes and often work out far less expensive whilst avoiding many of the pitfalls associated with salsac.
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